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Too Busy! Where does your time go?

Have you ever completed a grueling week in your business, felt exhausted at the end of the week but had no financial gain to show for all your efforts? Do you often find yourself doing tasks in your business that you could have, and should have delegated properly to a team member, or outsourced to another party? Do you work more hours in your [...]

Cash Strapped Business? 6 Tips…

Being in business can be frustrating. You seem to be making good sales, you seem to have the right margins and you seem to be growing but you are broke and the business is in danger of imploding. Equally, your business may be going through a little bit of a lull and you are short of cash. 5 tips on improving your cashflow… 1. Do an imme [...]

Need a Business Plan that rocks!

new manager challenging team
Recently some clients and non clients have come to me with ideas for a new businesses. Some are brilliant, some less so. One thing I recommend to all prospective entrepreneurs is that they go through a business planning process. To your average Entrepreneur, this can sound like a pain worse than death. After all, the idea is burning brightly [...]

Promote from within or recruit new ta...

You are faced with a challenge. A vacancy has occurred on your team. An important role, critical to the success of your business. Looking around, there is no candidate expressing an interest in the role, nor can you see anyone that you think would fit the bill. So do you immediately recruit from outside? Or do you decide to take a good look a [...]

Setting up a New Business or Buying a...

Its a bit like buying a house or building your own? Usually emotions take over and decisions are made for the wrong reasons. With the failure rates for start up businesses running very high in Ireland, why do more people not try and buy and existing business? Is it that there are none for sale? Are sellers looking for too much? is there no wa [...]

7 Skills Required for Business

Here are 7 skills/competencies that can really help you with your business. 1. Financial Acumen – Running any business involves money. Love it or hate it, a business is about generating sales, paying suppliers and investing or using the profits. In business it is very important to understand terms like: Margin, Markup, Gross Profit, Net [...]

Keeping things in perspective…

The success of a business can often be determined by the size of issue the business owner worries about. If small things have the power to disturb you, then who you think you are is exactly that: small. Eckhart Tolle It’s 2014. Your business is still here. But you may not be getting the results that you should be getting. Are you focus [...]

They know how – but they do not...

When the team don’t do what they have been asked “I have told them a thousand times and they all claim they know what I want and they all nod in agreement” claimed a client recently “and they they go and do something completely different.” My client was nearing the end of his tether. He was frustrated because he [...]

How many of your sales team overachie...

How to improve sales in your business… If you are in sales or if you run a business that employs sales people, you will be very familiar with the concept of targets, margins, quotas, bonuses and general activity. You will be even more familiar with the reasons and excuses spouted out when people do not deliver on the target. things like [...]

So you think you know it all…

i know everything
I Know, I Know, I Know and therefore I am not listening… How many times have you had a discussion with a team member about their performance,┬áconscious of the fact that they are nodding in agreement, but silently saying to themselves that “they know it all” and therefore, are not listening, not taking in the feedback and mor [...]

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Increase Profit through training

Increase Profit through training