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  • Who-Wants-Change

    Find a way or make an excuse? your choice…

    Very often I speak to clients who tell me that they want to grow the business, who understand why they

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  • at the seaside

    It must be great… To Not Need Sales

    Here are a couple of simple strategies that could really boost your turnover and profitability this year. 1. Answer your

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  • Leaderless Team

    HELP! I own the business but I’m poor at managing people

    Recently, I met a frustrated business owner who felt that her business would be so much more successful if she

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  • Welcome Aboard Handwritten With Chalk On A Blackboard

    Setting Expectations for New Team Members

    We are entering a time in Ireland where it is getting trickier to find the right people. The entry level

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  • Costs Benefits

    The difference between value and price…

    Business owners continue to be challenged to reduce their prices and in many cases reduce their margin. When the product

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  • "  A Chain Is No Stronger Than Its Weakest Link " Written On A B

    I would be quicker doing it myself…

    If you, as a manager or as a business owner ever find yourself say, “I would be quicker doing it

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  • Leave Your Comfort Zone plan or diagram flowchart showing how to

    Quitting on change is not an option…

    As a general rule, people do not like change. Even if the outcomes of change will mean improved job satisfaction,

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  • Moving Through the Sales Funnel words on gears with customers wa

    In a sales slump? Look back at your activity.

    If you own or run a business or sales team, you will be familiar with the daily requirement to generate

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  • Too-busy22

    Too Busy! Where does your time go?

    Have you ever completed a grueling week in your business, felt exhausted at the end of the week but had

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  • fastcash

    Cash Strapped Business? 6 Tips…

    Being in business can be frustrating. You seem to be making good sales, you seem to have the right margins

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