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Your business RESULTS reflect your MI...

I meet a lot of business owners. Many of them are from very similar businesses, operating in the same markets, in the same business environment. But their results vary wildly. When we question the results, we get a vast array of reasons and excuses. The business that are struggling generally focus on external factors or factors that do not in [...]

Employers – Protect Yourself To...

No Contract of Employment – No Defence No Employee Handbook – No Defence No Job Description – No Defence When there is harmony in the workplace and everyone is working towards a common objective, no one ever thinks of contracts, job descriptions and employee handbooks. There is no need to because everyone is properly aligned [...]

You had me at hello!

People will judge you within a few seconds of meeting you. It’s primarily a subconscious thing. If you are in business, it is very important that you make a good first impression because it increases your chances of doing business, it increase your chances of a profitable transaction, it rewards your marketing activity and it makes it e [...]

What happens when a customer walks in...

Believe it or not, we are creatures of habit who dislike change, love consistency and crave security. Knowing this, why do we not focus on delivering these things to our customers. If you asked the same customer to contact each team member you have and conduct a transaction with them, the results would shock you. Some team members would be ve [...]

“We’re happy where we are...

Fear Of Crisis With Businessman Like An Ostrich
It’s 2015, nearly 7 years since the country fell into recession, massive drops in sales and profits, ongoing battles for survival, struggles with rents, rates, materials costs, creditors, energy prices. Many firms did not survive but thousands did survive. And they continue to survive. And they continue to work very hard and they contin [...]

Find a way or make an excuse? your ch...

Very often I speak to clients who tell me that they want to grow the business, who understand why they might not have grown over the past few years, who understand what they need to do to make a change… But do nothing. And I wonder if they really do want to grow and increase profits in the business. They assure me that they do. So why t [...]

It must be great… To Not Need S...

at the seaside
Here are a couple of simple strategies that could really boost your turnover and profitability this year. 1. Answer your Voicemail Messages I passed on a referral to a supplier that I know because a client of mine wanted the service that he offered. I left one message on his phone for him to call me, explaining the size of the opportunity and [...]

HELP! I own the business but I’...

Leaderless Team
Recently, I met a frustrated business owner who felt that her business would be so much more successful if she was not in charge. She cried “I could not work for me, I’m a perfectionist, I’m never happy with anyone’s work, I’m never happy with my own work, all my team are afraid of me and I’m afraid they wi [...]

Setting Expectations for New Team Mem...

Welcome Aboard Handwritten With Chalk On A Blackboard
We are entering a time in Ireland where it is getting trickier to find the right people. The entry level jobs are harder to fill. Correction – they are easy to fill, but not so easy to fill with a candidate that is right for the role. Employers are fearful that if they take on new team members, they will leave as soon as the going gets [...]

The difference between value and pric...

Costs Benefits
Business owners continue to be challenged to reduce their prices and in many cases reduce their margin. When the product you are selling is not a commodity, it is your responsibility So actually what is this value, how would you define this concept? The Value Formula: Value = Benefits – Cost Please note this down somewhere prominent and when [...]

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Increase Profit through training

Increase Profit through training

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