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1st Gitomer Certified Advisor in Irel...

Quick Announcement: Derek O’Dwyer is now the 1st Gitomer Certified Advisor in Ireland. Derek has been personally trained by Jeffrey to deliver his complete range of Classroom and online training. Derek will be running a number of introductor sessions over the next few weeks. for full details of all the courses, check out this website. J [...]

6 Keys to a winning team

I was at the All Ireland Hurling final replay game yesterday. It was a great game, all the better because Clare won, but both teams gave their all. It was end to end, nail biting stuff. I could ramble on with the cliches till the cows come home. But a few things stood out for me. 1. The importance of a good team 2. The importance of having th [...]

Thinking about taking on a business c...


Getting Ready for Selling

If you are involved in field sales, here are some guidelines when preparing your day, your week, your month and your year. Remember – Its How Hard You Work, How Smart You Work, You Dedicated You are, Combined with your Self Belief that will determine your ultimate success. When approaching a customer for the first time: Do research on t [...]

Leading the team vs Managing the team

Leading the team vs Managing the team
A manager complained to me recently that the team she was responsible for were not doing what they were asked and they were all useless. “interesting” I immediately thought and asked her how long they had all worked for the organisation. It turns out that they all had at least 10 years experience. It turned out that the team were [...]

How detailed is your business plan

How detailed is your business plan
Very few businesses achieve the level of success that they aspire to. This is a shame. Sometimes the business they have chosen may not have sufficient market to enable it to grow, some may not have the knowledge, some may not have the money and some may not have the poeple. Others just get caught in a RUT and struggle for survival every week [...]

No Instant Gratification Results in S...

No Instant Gratification Results in Stop Start Marketing
We are so like children in our behaviour. We want everything now and we whinge we we do not get what we want. And it’s always someone else’s fault why your business is not working the way it should. I’m always reminded of the parable from Luke 8:5 where the farmer goes out to sow some seeds in his field as follows: “A farmer [...]

Just how detailed is your marketing p...

marketing plan
In a recent discussion between 12 business owners, we were all asked to produce our marketing plans for the year. We were required to outline what marketing strategies we would be using, what type of client we would focus on, why we would focus on them and how we would convert them to customers. We were also asked to outline our strategies fo [...]

What to measure in a small business

What to measure in a small business
The biggest mistake that small business owners make from the outset in their business is that they do not keep score. And I do not just mean the money side of things. Activity leads to Results which leads to turnover, but not necessarily profit. I met a young entrepreneur of 21 last week. He had been in business for about 6 months and was now [...]

Business needs to change but team won...

Business needs to change but team won’t engage
It is said that the only constant in life is CHANGE. Yet most people avoid it, shun it, deny that it is necessary in the first place. Every team meeting is full of ideas on what the business needs to do to grow and prosper. HOWEVER, the instant that the change affects the individual team member, we get resistance, push back, obstinate behavio [...]

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