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Start your Business with Confidence &...

Thinking of starting a business? Excited about the prospect of being your own boss, making your own decisions and reaping the rewards of business ownership? Well, Great! The Entrepreneurial Journey is a wonderful experience and the rewards are there… If you follow the basic rules of business. Join me and Kevin Moore of MG Ryan & Co [...]

When an 11 year old perceives indiffe...

When an 11 year old perceives indifferent service
2 Boys aged 11 and 9 recently visited a local convenience store to buy some sweets. The shop was not that busy – maybe 2 or 3 other customers at the time. Just as the boys reached the till with their sweets in one hand and their cash in another, another member of staff arrived on the scene. With no consideration at all for the number of [...]

How to engage with customers without ...

How to engage with customers without being pushy
People hate to be sold things but they like to buy things. If this statement is so true why do ¬†retailers not understand this concept and implement it into their business as much as possible. The standard question “can I help you” is probably the worst thing that you can possibly say to a shopper these day, especially if you say i [...]

Your Business Attitude to Training

Your Business Attitude to Training
Most small business owners invest very little time or money on training themselves or their employees. There are a number of reasons for this: The benefits of doing it are never measured or quantified. The time that it takes may not be available to many small business owners. The cost of completing it can be prohibitive. Fear of losing an em [...]

Get in Gear for 2014

Get in Gear for 2014
Have you ever felt that there are so many different things you could and should be doing to improve your business that you don’t know where to start?¬† Well ActionCOACH business coaches have a unique approach to helping you examine the many different aspects of your business under a microscope and helping you to prioritise the areas t [...]

An Arrogant Attitude Can Destroy A Te...

Arrogant people rarely add value to a team or company performance in the long term. They are often seen as self serving. They have little respect for other team members, suppliers and very often customers. Being arrogant is a decision that the person makes every day. They will continue to make this decision because they will feel it serves th [...]

1st Gitomer Certified Advisor in Irel...

Quick Announcement: Derek O’Dwyer is now the 1st Gitomer Certified Advisor in Ireland. Derek has been personally trained by Jeffrey to deliver his complete range of Classroom and online training. Derek will be running a number of introductor sessions over the next few weeks. for full details of all the courses, check out this website. J [...]

6 Keys to a winning team

I was at the All Ireland Hurling final replay game yesterday. It was a great game, all the better because Clare won, but both teams gave their all. It was end to end, nail biting stuff. I could ramble on with the cliches till the cows come home. But a few things stood out for me. 1. The importance of a good team 2. The importance of having th [...]

Thinking about taking on a business c...


Getting Ready for Selling

If you are involved in field sales, here are some guidelines when preparing your day, your week, your month and your year. Remember – Its How Hard You Work, How Smart You Work, You Dedicated You are, Combined with your Self Belief that will determine your ultimate success. When approaching a customer for the first time: Do research on t [...]

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Increase Profit through training

Increase Profit through training